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Tom Daniels

CFO Consultant

Tom believes strongly in the ability of financial information to drive the growth process for e2E’s clients. He knows that businesses are too often overworked and understaffed, particularly in the nonprofit sector. By partnering with business owners and nonprofit leadership to bring accurate, timely and meaningful financial insight into the decision-making process, Tom’s veteran financial perspective allows e2E’s clients to focus on growth and development instead of administrative tasks.

Tom has spent the last 15 years applying his financial acumen to businesses in a variety of sectors including financial services, retail and manufacturing. For the last 6 years, he has been a financial leader in the nonprofit space. His experience has revealed that the common denominator is the need for organizations of all types to have accurate and timely financial information presented in a way that is useful. He is a collaborative leader who has successfully infused financial information into the planning and decision-making process throughout his career.

Tom holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Management Information Systems. In addition to conducting cybersecurity reviews and overseeing the development of new computer infrastructure, Tom has led multiple financial system conversions and implementations. He has also designed and developed new financial systems to enhance internal controls, streamline operations and provide richer financial information with less effort.

Having worked in small business, large private equity firms, nonprofits and government, Tom has demonstrated the ability to apply his skills to organizations of any size at any stage of development.

Tom and his wife Rebekah have 6 children. They are actively involved at Leawood Presbyterian Church and covet the opportunity to visit Topsail Island, NC as often as possible.

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