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How Small Businesses Can Adjust to the “New Normal”

Posted on July 17th, 2020

As more and more businesses open up and resume operations, we’re slowly returning to what life felt like before the COVID-19 crisis changed our lives several months ago. But there’s no denying that, at least in the short term, many of those changes are here to stay. How can small business owners adjust to what many are calling the “new normal”?

I’m not just talking about social distancing, wearing masks, and carrying hand sanitizer. These may define the new normal, but they only scratch the surface. The challenge for small business owners is to help customers and staff feel secure, thrive under their new circumstances, and find joy in their daily lives.

A New Path Forward

We’ve all learned hard lessons in the past months about what we value, how we relate to others, and how our businesses function during tough times. Now, equipped with that knowledge, we’re ready to forge a new path forward. Here are a few ways we can define that path with optimism:

New Ways of Working

The sudden adjustment to working remotely wasn’t always easy, but it’s taught us that we’re stronger than we ever knew. As HubSpot reveals, “77% of remote employees say they’re more productive when working from home.” Without the distractions of office life, employees are more focused on the tasks at hand. While remote communication poses some challenges, many workers say that meeting these challenges has ultimately improved their communication. These are all lessons that we can benefit from as we move forward.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post from e2E’s Director of Human Resources, Cristina Martinez, about emerging best practices for remote work!

New Health & Safety Practices

Helping customers and staff feel secure in public space has taken on increased importance. As such, it’s important to create and implement health and safety practices. Make your safety practices available to those who want to seek them out, but there’s no need to blast them in an email to every customer – we’ve all seen a lot of those messages already. On the bright side, many of our stores and offices have never been so sparkling clean!

New Opportunities for Communication

As I explored in a recent post, business leaders should respond to challenges not by overreacting to yesterday’s news, but by looking ahead and leading with vision. This provides new opportunities to reach our communities with messages of optimism and hope. The businesses that provide for our changing needs, support our communities, and spread joy demonstrate their value in a powerful, indelible way.

A New Value Proposition

We’ve been given an opportunity to reflect on what exact value we provide in our communities. Now, it’s time to demonstrate and communicate that value! How does your business make your consumers’ lives better, easier, or more joyful? In moments like these, it’s more important than ever to zero in on our purpose and focus on delivering it in a positive, hopeful way.

Embrace New Opportunities

Every challenge is also an opportunity to thrive! Small business owners who lead with this mindset are empowered to make the best of the new normal.

At e2E, LLC we understand the challenges and opportunities of small business ownership from every angle. Our clients have access to expert guidance in leadership, strategic planning, marketing, human resources, finance, and more. Our team can help you navigate the new normal and create a positive path forward. Contact us today to learn more!

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