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Refreshing Your Brand, Reclaiming Your Story

Posted on April 2nd, 2020

Have you visited e2E’s new website? If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to take a look! You might notice that some things have changed.

Our mission and commitment to helping small businesses grow and thrive aren’t going anywhere, nor is our team of experts, but we’ve refreshed our branding and website to help communicate our goals in a compelling new way. This isn’t a rebranding – you’ll see that our logo retains the “e2E” styling that represents the path from entrepreneur to Enterprise, and our favorite color, orange, is more prominent than ever – it’s a brand refresh.

What’s the difference? And why might your company want to consider a brand refresh of your own?

Rebranding vs. Refreshing

Rebranding is a major undertaking. Companies decide to rebrand themselves for a number of different reasons, whether recovering after a major misstep, realigning their target market, or adjusting to a merger or acquisition. Rebranding includes major changes to the components of a brand’s public face, including logos, taglines, mission statements, and sometimes even the company name. Often, the entire “brand story” is rewritten.

In contrast, a brand refresh is about updating a brand without substantially changing it. For Iconic Digital, Jason Hutcheson uses the example of updating your wardrobe. You may want to totally change your look and rebrand your image, or simply refresh it by buying a suit or dress in a similar cut and color to one that you’ve worn and loved for years. A brand refresh “still reflects your style and image. It simply shows an updated, more relevant and essentially more professional you!”

While a rebranding consists of major changes to a brand’s story, a brand refresh tweaks a story that already works in order to make it more compelling and relevant to today’s audience. Refreshing your brand means bringing the elements of your brand that have historically been successful into the future while retaining the core identity you’ve created that resonates with your target consumers.

A Successful Brand Refresh

There’s often a public outcry when major brands go too far or lose their way when updating their image. In recent years, Tropicana orange juice walked back a brand refresh that left consumers cold, and who can forget the disaster of New Coke in the 1980s? Brand refreshes that go well don’t always make a big splash, but they do pay off as companies attract new audiences, new business, and have the opportunity to revitalize themselves internally and externally.

As CircleStudio reveals, “Branding is the process of defining, conveying and maintaining your firm’s core value and differentiators. It’s about figuring out who you are, what you stand for, why your clients should care and then conveying it in a meaningful and consistent way.” A successful brand refresh keeps a company’s DNA and brand story intact. Often, this is because the mission statement is kept at the core of the effort to update a brand’s visual identity and communication strategy.

A throughline of consistency is vital in a successful brand refresh. After all, you’ve invested so much time and energy in establishing your brand’s value and recognition. Refreshing your brand is an incredible opportunity to reconnect with your core values, reflect on what works and what doesn’t, and give yourself a boost of new energy and new business.

Reclaiming Your Story

Another benefit of a brand refresh is the ability to harness public perception, notable successes, and your company’s journey into a coherent story that you write yourself. Especially in the era of social media and other online platforms, a brand’s story can become co-opted by outside voices. Refreshing your brand is a chance to reclaim your story and assert your identity in a powerful and intentional way.

e2E is thrilled with our new look and updated message. We’re sending out a big “Thank You!” to the brilliant, collaborative team at J.Schmid who helped us define and create it.

Our brand refresh is a reminder that our commitment to providing expert advice and mentorship to entrepreneurs and small business owners is as strong as ever. To learn more about how we can help your brand grow and thrive, contact us today!

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