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Yes, Your Small Business Needs a Leadership Team!

Posted on August 25th, 2020

There’s a pervasive belief that entrepreneurs and small business owners are lone wolves who create their own destiny through solo effort and determination. This can lead people who are driven to start or run their own business to think that they’re in it alone. But, especially in times like these, collaboration and community are more important than ever.

The fact is, the best entrepreneurs don’t “go it alone,” they’re skilled team players who build up resources by engaging with others and benefit from access to a wide variety of skills and experience. That’s why every small business needs a leadership team.

Leaders Who Connect

The ability to communicate effectively is among the most vital leadership skills. This can mean helping customers understand your value, encouraging teams to do their best work, or reaching out for help from trusted advisors. The important thing is to be proactive and connect.

As a post featured by Tanveer Naseer Leadership states, “the sharper those around you, the sharper you will become.” The advantages of having a community of experienced, thoughtful advisors include not just the ability to seek advice about specific problems, but the continual learning and honing of skills that happens when we’re surrounded by people who support and challenge us. Reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but of willingness to grow.

Leaders who understand the importance of connecting with a diverse group of advisors strengthen themselves and their businesses.

Benefits of a Leadership Team

Whether you’re assembling an informal network of skilled professionals for the occasional coffee date or curating a team that meets regularly to discuss the direction and growth of your business, you’ll quickly discover several benefits:

Access to Expertise

As a small business owner, you probably wear many hats – but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in every aspect of your business. Maybe marketing is your passion but you don’t understand the best avenues to secure financing, or you’re a great motivator who doesn’t have time to devote to payroll or taxes. The primary benefit of having a team is consistent access to multiple areas of expertise, so you can rest assured that your bases are always covered.

Different Perspectives

Varied areas of experience also lead to a diverse array of perspectives. The ability to hear multiple viewpoints before making big choices leads to well-rounded decision-making and better outcomes. While an HR expert may not also be a marketing whiz, collaboration between the two can lead to new strategies that strengthen both aspects of your business.

Enhanced Accountability

Another major benefit of working with a comprehensive leadership team is the culture of accountability it creates. As the New York Times urges in an exploration of successful teamwork, “a team is stronger when everyone delivers on their individual roles,” and leadership teams can provide a framework that ensures each member is on track to achieve stated goals.

Big-Picture Planning

If we look at each aspect of our business as its own separate island, miscommunication becomes common and it’s very difficult to get a sense of the bigger picture. When you have representation from accounting, finance, HR, marketing, sales, operations, and leadership in the same room (or Zoom meeting) it’s much easier to see how every part of your business works together to create the desired outcome.

Assemble Your Dream Team

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful company, don’t be fooled by the temptation to do it all yourself. Access to expertise in all areas of your business is more accessible than you might think!

At e2E, LLC our clients benefit from the ability to curate a leadership team that addresses and enhances key aspects of their business and promotes healthy growth. Our subject matter experts in accounting, finance, HR, marketing, and leadership provide all the benefits of a comprehensive leadership team without the cost of hiring full-time staff.

To learn more about how to assemble a dream team of your own, contact us today!

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